Sea fishing equipment - fishing tactics - tips - location


Tips when you arrived

Fishing equipment & tackle

All your fishing tackle should be saltwater proof. (Otherwise they rust!)

Best time for fishing in cuba

Fishing is generally good all year. You will always find some commons fishes as snapper, jack cravel or barracuda all the year.


Actualy we use three fishing tactics

If we fish from the shore, we are looking particularly for bridges, rocky points, deep channels, where the current is strong. But if we are in a boat, shallow coral reefs with "poppers", channels mouth, pit (Possa), potatoes fields (big stones with the potato shape). Locate passages between the sea and mangroves, where the tide constantly disturb seabed. Search for sardines, watch birds, look around mangroves feet, search for the natural structures where small fish get cover. Live bait is good tactic, but keeping bait fish alive remains a challenge. You can use small piece of shrimp on a small hook #14 to catch them or use a "Sabiki" rigs. Once you get the live bait, you will need a 3/4 or 1 oz sinker with big hook #2/0 or #5/0 mounted on a metal leader or a strong nylon.

Artificial lures capture bigger fish, less discomfort, no shrimp, no smell in the fridge, it stays clean. However, if you want fish for "cubereta", "Mojarra", "Garfish" or other smaller fish, you will need some natural bait like minnow, shrimp, worms, squid ... In August, during Cubereta's season you can catch a hundred per day.

Fishing location

Our fishing spots are described in our private section, a right of access is required, a lifetime access right cost $ 24.95 (CAD), available on (section. Miscellaneous) or you can obtain obtain a free access with any purchase over $150 at PecheSud.

About the DIY Fishing, few place in Cuba are prohibited for this type of fishing, unless you are accompanied by an outfitter. For example, all areas operated by "Avalon", cayo largo, Jardines de la reinas, Isle de la juventud are prohibited. Actually, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria Ensenacho are saved. At Cayo "Paredon", fishing is still permitted, despite the installation of a gate. We've been there in January 2009 without any problems.


Tackle maintenance

Some spanish words

Hello   Buenos días or Ola
Please, i want...   Por favor, querria...
Where is ?   ¿Dónde es?
What time is ...  A qué hora es...
High tide   alta marea
Low tide   Bajamar
Sea  Mar
A little   Un poco
Fishing   Pescar
Fresh shrimp (raw)  Camaron crudo
Fresh fish (raw)   Pescado crudo
Fresh octopus (raw)  Calamar crudo
Water  Agua
Ice  Hielo
Fishing rod  Barra
Deep pit in the sea  Fosa or Possa

Some basic knots

Three kind of knots to use

How to attach leader to braided line

It's the knot we use to attach leader to braided line for Jack popping. It's good for inshore fishing only.

How to avoid rod brakage

This small video will help you to understand how to hold the fishing rod correctly and avoid rod tip breakage

My fish lexical

Fish names and photos in english, french, spanish (es)pagnol or Cu(ba)

Garfish (en), orphie (fr), belone belone (es) Tomtate (en), grogneur  (fr), ronco (es) Triggerfish (en) Baliste (fr) Sobaco (cu) Triggerfish (en) Baliste (fr) Sobaco (cu)
Mutton snapper (en), Vivaneau (fr), Pargo (es) Barracuda, Picúa (cu) Jack (en) Carangue (fr) Jiguagua (es) Tarpon (en-fr) Tarpones - Sàbalo (es)
Jack horse eyes (en) Carangue à gros yeux (fr) Gallego (es) Cubera snapper (en) carpe rouge (fr) cubera (es) (en) Wahoo (fr) Tazard Mojarra (En-fr-es)
Grey snapper (en) vivaneau gris (fr) Cubereta (es) Grouper (en) mérou (fr) mero (es) Dorado (en) mahi-mahi ou coryphène (fr) lampuga (es) Snapper (en) vivaneau (fr) pargo (es)
Yellow tail jack (en) Carangue (fr) Cibí amarillo  (cu) On the right, spanish mackerel (en) Sierra (es) Black sea bream (en) Griset - Dorade (fr) - Chopa negra(es) Snook (en) ??? (fr) Robalo (Es)
Jolthead Porgy(en) Vajonao (es) White snapper (en) Vivaneau blanc(fr) - Pargo Blanco(es) Grouper (en) Mérou (fr) Cabrilla (Es) White grunt(en) Grogneur blanc (fr) Ronco blanco (Es)