Best fishing lures to use in CUBA

What a difficult choice, when it's time to select fishing lures for a fishing trip in Cuba, and then you surf on Internet and arrive on this website. All I can say ! you are at the right place, all our choices are based on our experiments and not on advertising. During our fishing travel, we met many fishermen in Cuba (local or international), talking about the best equipment and lures to use in Cuba, that's really help us to make our own selections and our own tests. After eight years of fishing experience in CUBA, we made a selection of best lures to use, in our eyes, they represente the best values with a proved reliability ! All these lures are available on WWW.PECHESUD.COM.

Factors influencing lures choice

When it's windy, water loses its clarity and tend to be obscured, then fishes will tend to stay offshore in deeper water. Doesn't rise to surface for feeding (except tarpons), in this case, it's better to use diving lures or jigs. If weather is calm since 2-3 days and water is crystal clear, fishes will stay closer to the reefs and the shore, fishing with surface lures or medium depth lures will works perfectly. For tarpon lovers, they prefer "Green water" or murky water, the green color come from rain, so the low tide it's sometime better.

Fishing with poppers

After few years of saltwater fishing, popping became my favorite fishing method. Usable as casting or trolling lure, Yes, for trolling. It's a great way to explore new fishing spot without worry to hang on coral reef. You always know where is your lure, if it's positioned in a productive area. Like trolling with a big fly when I fish for trout, I want feel the bites but also see the spectacular attacks. Fishing becomes more interactive, less random. Seeing a movement on the surface, your sense of predator will be in search for a big prey, the popper will become your favorite tool, when it's launched in the zone, it makes noise, disturbs and suddenly ; Bang! the battle begins.

Popper SABALO - Tarpon, Cubera (Carpe rouge), jack lures Roosta popper (In size 105-135 mm / 30-47 gr)

Sabalo Popper

Especially created for tropical fishes, Sabalo popper has an perfect weight for long casting without all the problems related of heavy popper use (heavy rod, shock leader). It's built on a wooden base, waterproofed, renforced with resin for a maximum strength. We also inserted some holographic effects and painted it with organic colors with translucent effect. With a 53 grams weight and measuring 154mm length is perfect for inshore and offshore gamefish, we called it "Sabalo" paying tribute to the silver King (tarpon). The "Sabalo" makes big splashes with low frequencies vibration as a fish caught on your line, typical effect of wood lures. Very effective on Jacks, GT, Tuna, Cubera snapper, Tarpon.

Roosta Popper

Another excellent popper to use with a good value. Could be use anywhere, reef, channel, deep or shallow area... Strong construction, easy to cast, very noisy with big splahes. Available in three sizes - 105mm (30 grams) or 135 (47 grams) or 195mm (110 grams). To be use without restriction, trolling, inshore fishing, works on any predator. For model 195, please use a strong popping rod with a shock leader 10-15 ft or you will snap your line.

Yo-zuri Crystal F978-HAY Sunset - Sunrise lure

Yo-zuri Crystal minnow

Like a «Master key », we use it on Tarpon, Barracuda, Pargo, Jack crevalle. We always try it first, when we make a new exploration area. It can be used for trolling from 4 to 15 feet or over coral structures. You can also cast it very well for shoreline, the Crystal minnow have incomparable reflections, especially with the new 3D effect on the F978. We chose the size 5 1/4 "for maximum visibility and enough lure weight during windy conditions.

Yo-Zuri F978-RHR Red HEad - Tarpon, barracuda, snapper lure

The "red head" with silver holographic body remains our favorite color, the silver and holographic reflection suggest perfectly the side of sardine body and the red color suggests a injured fish blood. Bright colors are used during cool periode or cloudy days, they are more visible when the water becomes cloudy. As for the blue color, we prefer using it during winter, when water get colder on shiny clear sky. For dark colors (like black, purple, brown) they are mostly used at the beginning and end of the day.

MirrOlure Catch 2000 Shallow water lure

MirrOlure Catch 2000

This suspension lure combines baitfish profile and the injured fish action. Ideal lure for Snook, Tarpon, jack crevalle. With the 3-D eyes and "Sonic" noise in addition to the luminosity makes it irresistible. This lure has been scientifically engineered to provide neutral buoyancy, allowing fishing in shallow water without hanging the bottom. With its vibration and lateral movement, it allows the capture of larger specimens.

Let the lure in the hot zone, retreive slowly, it will turn on all the fishes even if they are not hungry. This lure is used on shallow areas, in the TV show "Class Flat" it's their favorite lure.

Yo-zuri F983 - Deep trolling lure

Yo-Zuri F983-HRH

This is a lure can be used for trolling or casting, targeting big size species, if you want use it from a bridge, check if water is deep enough and current is strong enough. He has the characteristics of multi purposes lures. A perfectly design, brilliant, a superior finish. Vibrating action, effective in all conditions, unique holographic reflections. Built in ABS with a protective finish against UV, this lure is made to catch the big fish. Perfect for large barracuda & Cubera, Tarpon.

Yo-zuri R540 Barracuda, Cubera, Pargo snapper lure

Yo-Zuri Crystal minnow DD R540 (Trolling lure max. 20')

The R540 has the same characteristics as the F978 Crystal Minnow series, the difference lies in the swimming depth, we use it in deep fishing area as "Posa" or pits in search of big pargo snapper or cubera in depth. This type of lure requires a strong rod, with enought backbone to keep trolling pressure, it's better to use "BOAT ROD" with it..

Yo-Zuri R469-PC Lure for tarpon, jack cravel, snapper

Yo-zuri Crystal minnow R469-PC (Suspending)

This suspending lure swim frantically to a depth of 24 to 36 inches and stay, even if you stop your retrieval and the lure sit. It's a perfect lure for all locations where the current is strong. Cast it and brought in sub-surface with slow steady retrieve. The perch color is actually a freshwater color, but tarpons seems to love it. We use it at sunset. Size: 5 1/4" long with 3/4 oz weight. Size: 5 1/4" long with 3/4 oz weight.

Yo-Zuri R469-HT Lure for tarpon, jack cravel, snapper

Yo-zuri Crystal minnow R469-HT (Suspending)

This suspending lure swim frantically to a depth of 24 to 36 inches and stay, even if you stop your retrieval and the lure sit. It's a perfect lure for location with strong current. Cast it and brought in sub-surface with slow steady retrieve. The hot tiger color is perfect for tarpon during low light condition and during nighttime. The HT color is also named "Tropical" color in Cuba with dark back, yellow greenish body and an orange belly. Size: 5 1/4" long with 3/4 oz weight.

L52MR Tarpon, Jack crevalle lure

MirrOlure L52MR

This lure measures 3 "5/8 and weighs 1/2oz, it is used for areas where current is strong as under a bridge. Often large "tarpon" eats only small baits, small bait fish don't fight the current, they remain suspended, with some lateral movements. this lure is perfect imitation of small bait fish found in cuba around bridge structures. With three hooks, your hook rate will be greatly increased. It must be launched in the current, retreived to the desired depth. Excellent on tarpon and jack crevalle.

yo-zuri R1066 Leurre de traîne pour Cubera, snapper

Yo-zuri Sashimi 3D Magnum R1066

Big game fishing lures. It can reach depths of 15 to 20 feet, Through-wire construction makes this trolling lure extremely durable. The size 5"5/8 (14 cm) weight : 1 3/4 oz. (48 gr), We use it for big cubera and big snapper fishing, especialy during windy periode, when water become cloudy and all the fishes stay offshore. But you can also use it from a bridge when it's windy.

MirrOLure 77M Tarpon, Jack cravel, snapper lure

MirrOlure 77M11 (Sinking Twitchbait)

During 2008 season, this lure was on the top, excellent on tarpon, jack cravel, cubera snapper. With 1-1/4oz weight and 4-1/4 long, it's perfect during windy days. The only thing to know that lure should not be retrieved as a singular lure. As a sinking twitch bait lure, it needs to be brought in with a slow motion on sub-surface. Generating practically no vibe, it should be manipulated like a Jig in a current. Most of the time, tarpon attack when it stays in stationary mode.

Yo-zuri F988 Jack crevalle et baby tarpon lure

Yo-zuri F988 (Shrimps)

Yo-zuri created the best shrimps imitation I have seen, prism effect, small feet. Everything for imitating this small crustacean whose Caravelle jack and tarpon are totally crazy. In Cuba, when we hear them jumping out during out night fishing trips, it was after the shrimps they hunt. However, if you decide to fish for big tarpon with these lures, it is important to change hooks.

PLINE Pulse jig, Tarpon, jack, snapper

PLINE Pulse jig

Often, we forget to bring some jigs during our travels, yet they are formidable. I use them for trevally, snapper and even tarpon. When I fish from pedalo boat, I use it as a jig on the bottom, but if I fish from the shore or a bridge, I use it as a swim bait. The colors white or chartreuse are the best.

Yo-zuri_r1069 Trolling lure for Dorado, King, Tuna

Yo-zuri R1069 (Trolling lure)

Sometimes fishes stay offshore, so we must do some deep trolling, small lures are not made for this kind of game. Offshore predators prefer larger prey, so we must adapt our offerings accordingly. As a part of food chain, squid is a great bait for large predator, try the new lures from Yo-zuri R1069, It mimics a large squid (7 inches), extremely solid, mounted with large hooks and superb 3D color, this lure is perfect on Dorado, Kingfish, Tuna, Cubera, grouper


Fishing in Cuba, it's also predicting all your needs in advance, because there is no tackles store in Cuba. In my opinion, 15 to 20 lures is a good number, it seems very excessive, but when you will be there, you will be agree with me. You will lose lures during your trip but they also represent excellent gifts for Cubans, especially for those who have guided you all the week. Don't forget to use a leader in all times, otherwise barracuda and tarpon will do short work of your lures. I prefer to use nylon or fluorocarbon leader for snapper, tarpon, cuberra. But if there's too many barracuda, steel remains the best choice

Where to find these lures

All lures described above are available at PECHE SUD Saltwater fishing tackles.

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