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Fishing Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Jigging with Roberto Navarro

Fishing in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) on Riviera Maya coast; Jigging for amberjack, Tuna, Kingfish in middle of playa del carmen. That's true ! You're in vacantion and you want try a fishing trip with a real PRO. Here's the occassion to make your dreams come true. Embedded in a mass tourism and hundreds of tours vendor, an authentic fishing guide was able to adapt to change and shows us fishing in a different angle. Vertical fishing commonly called "jigging," it is practiced in specific locations such as deep zone, drop offs, submerged points. Metal lures are used to catch fishes, called "JIG", we drop the jig to the bottom and back to the surface by jerks, varying the action and speed. The amberjack is a fish who travel between the bottom and the surface, jigs is particularly well adapted to the search for this fish because it allows to explore the water column. The attacks are powerful, fights is intense, the fish caught by jigging are often larger, maybe your next fishing records.

WEAREVER is nicknamed, but the real name is "Roberto Navarro." Jigging is his passion, he has amberjack's fishing in his blood (Seriola dumerili) . Before becoming guide, it was a commercial fisherman in "Playa Del Carmen". He started "Jigging" three years ago and since then he never stopped, he shares his experience with his customers as a guide. Native from Rivera Maya, he knows almost every corner of "Playa del Carmen", the best places for "Jigging" large fish to make jealous of other fishermen, he masters the fundamentals and subtleties of "Jigging" (Tackle, gear, lures, knot , etc ...) Although this technique is new in Mexico, each year, he organizes two JIGGING tournaments in "Playa del Carmen" to promote fishing. The tournament is friendly and is held in end November and January, followed by a "Fiesta" at the end of the day.

At "Playa del Carmen", you will find plenty of fishing boats and guides always willing to take you fishing, they almost practice trolling (Inshore or Deep sea). Playa del carmen area is already overfished by this type of fishing, maybe you will catch some barracuda or simply make a boat ride. Just look at their equipment to see the serious of thier buisness. Fishing for large predators in playa del carmen, i think "JIGGING" is the only way to get success. Fishes rarely came on the shallow area, they remains in depth (100-150 m). As trolling lures, they just pass over thier heads without any reaction (Too much effort). During high season, amberjack are grouped by schools along the drop, it's not uncommon to catch enough fish to ensure a back pain.

You will be on his new 2012 "Panga", 28 feet long, 8 feet width, 75 HP 4 stroke engine. specialy designed for jigging with higher edges. You board directly from the beach and after few minutes you start JIGGING. At "Playa del Carmen," it's not necessary to go far to pratice "jigging", as the beach disappears into the depths at approximately 300 meters from shore. The drop offs follow the coast from "Playa del Carmen" to "Punta Maroma". The fishing zone is between 100 and 120 meters, Roberto uses a GPS to locate the best fishing spots and he have many marks accumulated during passed years.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to make three fishing trips with Roberto. I learn new things after so many year of fishing. Fights are intense, made for real fishermen. Captured several amberjack from 25 to 39 lb, also groupers, jack, snapper, tuna. Freindly and professional, Roberto is a skilled guide, he knows his job and knows what fishermen looking for. I recommend him without hesitation, it's the PRO at Playa del Carmen.

You can almost fish all year long, except tropical storms period (August-October). The best time for Amberjack in "Playa del Carmen", it's winter. Between November and March when the water is cold, amberjacks are grouped by small school in preparation for the spawn period. The peak is between 15 November and late December. The low season is in summer, but you still catch good specimens even though they are fewer in number. (Example: my trip took place in mid-June this year, the results speak for themselves)

You must bring your own equipment & Jigs. You may lose some gear (hang the bottom or barracudas cut), calculate about 3 jigs per fishing day. Also bring enought hooks and swivel.

FOR JIGGING GEAR & TACKLES, visit us on PECHE SUD website. We have travel rods.


September-October 2011 - Fishing in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) - Season looks good and it's strating with good Aj´s,wahoos and some Snappers!

Roberto Navarro! your fishing guide in PDC Jigging in Playa del carmen Jigging PDC Jigging PDC, Wahoo ! Fishing & Jigging PDC, Snapper Jigging PDC, Giant Amberjack Giant Amberjack in Mexico AJ Jigging Fishing playa del carmen, nice catch Mexico, Playa del carmen fishing Jigging Big Mama ! Playa del carmen

17-nov-2011 - Fishing in Playa del carmen (Mexico) - Hélène & his friend jigging experience with Roberto

Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), Amazing action Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), Barracuda Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), amberjack Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), Roberto & Hélène Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), what a great catch Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging), Total: 4 Amberjacks + barracuda

24-nov-2011 - Mathieu Laforest & Greg Silva

Mathieu Laforest said: I just come back from Playa del Carmen. I fish 3 days with Roberto Navaro (wearever) and it was awesome ! He is a really good guy, don't be scare to go with him ! We caught a couple of nice amberjack while jigging in 300 ft of water.

Fishing Playa del carmen - Mathieu Laforest in action Fishing Playa del carmen - Greg Silva big mama ! Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging) Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging) Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging) Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging) Fishing Playa del carmen (Jig hard ! Life's short) Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging) Fishing Playa del carmen - Something bigger was also hungry Fishing Playa del carmen (Jigging)

26 nov 2011 - Fishing in Mexico - Jigging tournament in Playa del Carmen 2011

Just came back from PDC for one week jigging with Roberto Navarro and participated to the 5th Jigging tournament in Playa del carmen. That was a great event, lot of big fish, well organized, new fishermen, new friends. Absolutely awesome !

Gilles, Patrick, Tony Roberto, myself, Mathieu Jigging at 300 hundrey feets deep Roberto & me Catch of the day I'm using a Extreme Anglers Rod PE4 & Ryobi Safari 5000a reel Tournament morning Until the clouds pass Our team with the offical Few catch of the tournament Scaling We arrived in 10 places with Mathieu's barracuda Tournament Party Jigging tournament PDC Amberjack on BBQ with banana leaves Picture with Roberto Navarro

Some pictures of the rest of the week and our night fishing trip for Jack crevalle.

Wahoo on Jigs Great color Jack cravel by night (Yorge a Good friend of Roberto) Looks Big Roberto catch the first big one Big Jack on Popper Another one This one was nice too Gilles & Roberto Brice de NICE Bit by a shark Awesome AJ fishing One big MAMA Tony, Roberto's assistant

23 dec 2011 - Fishing in Mexico - Jigging Playa del Carmen with Paul Goicoechea

Paul said: We had a fantastic time with you and Tony this morning. Here are a couple pictures to enjoy. Thank You again for everything

March-April 2012 - Fishing in Mexico - Jigging at Playa del Carmen

Other pictures of catches

19-24 April 2012 - Jigging at Playa del Carmen (Alain)

Alain has a great trip today, Four Blackfin tunas (12-15 kilos) and Four almacos amberjacks (15-18 kilos) !!!!

Jigging Tuna, PDC - 24 April 2012

21-27 April 2012 - Fishing in Mexico - Back from Playa del carmen (Patrick)

One week in Playa del carmen, Jigging with Roberto for Amberjack, Blackfin tuna and sharks bites. What a great moments !

18-25 May 2012 - One week in jigging in PDC

Despite three days of bad weather, it was a wonderfull week, Roberto's new boat was on the sea, lot of fishes and actions, lot of fun, totally awesome ! Next tournament in November 2012 and we will be part of it.

Turn ON your PC speaker and JIG Hard !

May 2012 - Maurice Kerger & friends, Fishing in Playa del carmen

Early May my brother, our girls and myself, joined Roberto for a couple of trips. We were very excited about the fishing and couldn't wait to drop the jigs! We really liked the way how Roberto kept moving to put us on the fish. This way we had great action! We caught some very nice Amberjacks, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackerel or Kingfish, Sailfish, Dorado, Barracuda and of course also had our portion of break offs. We had great fun with these guys, so Roberto, Miguel and Tony, thank you for making these trips a success! We will be back for sure!

Video of the trip

Maurice Kerger Video Jigging in Playa del Carmen

Autumn 2012 - Jigging Playa del Carmen

Some pictures from this Autumn season, father & son from South Carolina and the Jigging Master from Italy Mauricio and his wife.

November 2012 - Jigging & Popping Playa del Carmen

Jigging tournament Nov 2012 in Playa del Carmen, Patrick, Yann, Mathieu were there for that event... We went "popping and jigging" and try night fishing too, it was really awesome ! Big Jack were located at 100 meters depth, catching them on jigs was simply new experience. Giant amberjacks arrived only at the end of our trip, it was the PARTY !

Dec 2012 - Jigging & Popping Playa del Carmen

Report for Dec 2012, Amberjack, wahoo, grouper, Oilfish in extreme depth. Fishing with KilSong, Gino, Luiz, Viuja, Maria, Jean Guy, John...

2013 May - Stephane and Julie's fishing trip in PDC

We fished three days with Roberto and Tony. During all our trips, we mainly caught fishes with jigging technics and made some trolling between jigging spots. No time waste with Roberto because all jigging spots are stored in his GPS. Targeting the right structures for jigging. If you want to try something new, Jigging is physical but very rewarding. That's the most exciting fishing I ever done. The boat is new, safe and made for jigging. I highly recommend it, Roberto, the PRO of Playa Del Carmen.

Thank you Roberto and Tony, as well as Peter from "PECHESUD" for his good advice!

Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - PDC Mornaing light Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Roberto Navarro Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Stephane Cyr Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Jigstar 250 spinning - Saragosa 10K Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Canne Jigstar 250 - Parabolic action Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Almaco Amberjack Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Almaco Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Tony & Stephane  Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging)  Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging)  Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - White amberjack Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Blackfin Tuna Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - AJ Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Trolling for Dorado Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Dorado Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Dorado Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Roberto's boat Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Stephane Cyr Pêche à Playa del carmen (Jigging) - Julie

2013 DEC - Taka Taka team with Roberto Navarro

What a great week, four days fishing even though sea & windy condition. The results were there, no doubt Playa del carmen is the best place for amberjack's jigging. We jig hard! we had very good times with good friends, Capt Roberto & Tony were very helpfull. I also took some time to test my new 2014 jigs in 250 grams. Patrick, Mathieu, Rod and Mauricio were part of this great adventure.

Thank you Roberto and Tony

Fishing Playa del carmen Triple hookup in Playa del carmen

2014 Jan-Feb Report - Few pictures from our fishermen from Québec - Canada

Congratulations! Many thanks for sharing our LOVE of JIGGING. "Jig Hard, Life is short !"

Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro Fishing Playa del carmen with Roberto Navarro

2014 June Report - Summer fishing trip

Three great fishing days with Roberto and Tony, near Puerto Aventuras. Discovering new fishing spots, boat has been upgraded with new fish finders since last december (Thanks ROD), really helpful when it's time to find new structures. On the last day, I fished with my friend Mauricio (Jigging Master from Italia), he got 5 different fish species in the same trip, simply awesome ! Great technics ! "

Roberto & Tony

2014 Dec Report - Time for Whites

Strong winds and current, heavy jigs were mandatory to keep lines straight and feel the bottom. Seven mornings jigging for white AJ and two nights for BFT and Jacks popping. Good team, lot of fun, plenty of fishes... Again we improved our skills, learn to create the perfect rigs, knot test with Rod & Mat (Viva el AG chain knot), try new jigs and learn which to use, small details make the difference. One more time Roberto, Tony, Gérémia were at the top of their professionalism, what a great week !

Jan 2016 - Big MAMA time !

Another awesome fishing week in PDC, eight trips on seven days, a new record. We made 7 jigging trips and one popping night. Rod, Stephane were part of this trip, very good fishermen. The boat was located at puerto aventuras, Roberto changed his engin for a brand new Suzuki 115 ch, allowing us to change spots very rapidly. Since this year, all fishes has been release without exception, trying to preserv ressources. Tunas were there, we caught them with live bait (Sardinas on surface), a spectacular way to bring them to surface. My biggest AJ in life was in this trip, 32 kg white AJ, many breakage, some fishes were simply too strong, AJ, almaco, sharks, sailfish, tuna, jacks. What else do you expect more? jig hard ! Life is short!

December 2016 - Back to puerto aventuras with Roberto

Back to fishing with Roberto Navarro. Overall, it was a nice fishing week, although we had chosen a full moon week. The fish were much less active during the day, making it a little more sporty. Nevertheless, we have some beautiful AJ,tunas & Jacks. We also tried to fish Queen Snappers and red snappers between 500 and 800 feet deep. The effort is worth it, especially when they end up in "Pargo Frito" at "La caleta" restaurant.


The boat is located at puerto aventuras marinas, 20 km from playa del carmen, boat is parked near the "dolphin park".


For reservation, send an email to Roberto Navarro ( with your name, your fishing date. During the high season, it's always better reserve in advance. If you need jigging gear or best jigs to use in PDC, visit WWW.PECHESUD.COM.

Fishing in Mexico - Playa del carmen  - Roberto Navarro

More information

Different lures weights can be used depending of the current strength and depth. Ideal lures weight varies from 150 to 300 grams (long model). Therefore, leader size will change depending on your jig size. Try to keep the jig most vertical as possible. If you don't touch the bottom with your jig, that's mean your jig is fluttering. Change jig size or lower the leader size, use fluorocabon leader on small jig, big nylon leader on large jig. Remember, more your lure is heavy, more sports will be your fishing.

We used "PR Knot" to connect the braid to the leader; a "AJ Chain knot or SAN DIEGO JAM knot" to connect lure to the leader. The length of the leader is about ten feet.

Learn more about JIGGING fishing, take on look on Vertical jigging technics