Fishing Guide in Riviera Maya - Mexico

Capt. Jeremias Luna

Jeremias Santiago Luna is Roberto Navarro good friend, he started a new fishing guide service in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) since May 2016. He is the owner of "JLC Fishing" tackleshop in playa, a "tackleshop" you should know if you looking for fishing gear in PDC. He worked several years as captain on "Deep sea" charter boat and with Roberto Navarro as captain and mate, he has solid experience as captain and he knows all the area around Playa del Carmen & Puerto aventuras. Since a few years, he specialized in the jigging and popping, a accomplished fisherman who will help you to discover another side of fishing in Mexico.

Guide pÍche Mexique - JLC Fishing - Jeremias Luna

The boat is brand new, it's a new panga 26 ' by 8 ' wide whose interior was design for maximum space . Can easily accommodate four jigger on the same side. The engine is placed on an outer platform for a larger workspace. You will also find a emergency radio, fish finder, Gps on board. I had fish several times with Jeremias for jigging and popping and he's an experienced and trusted guy. I recommend him to every fishermen who like to fish by themself with they own technic and gear. You can ask him to organize a Tuna trip with "live bait" or go trolling for sailfish, Mahi. but he's more specialized on jigging & popping. Anyway, specify what type of fishing you want do and he will answer you. He speaks English and Spanish , so you will have no problem to communicate.

Between Playa del Carmen and Puerto aventuras , there is no need to go offshore to practice jigging, beach disappears quickly to reach the slope (approx. 800 meters). The slope is along the Mayan Riviera between " Playa del Carmen " and " Punta Maroma ", we fish between 250-475 feet deep . Jeremias and Roberto share same fishing spots , the landmarks on their GPS are virtually identical. The cost for 5h00 trip is fixed , the price is for the boat with a maximum of 3-4 anglers. So if you are four people , simply divide. That includes fishing licenses , nonalcoholic beverages. Fishing equipment is not included , people usually bring their own equipment. However, they can lend gear with a extra fee.

Recommended gear:

If you need some jigging or popping gear, visit us on PECHE SUD


Where is the boat?

The boat is located at Puerto aventuras marina, Puerto aventuras is 20 km from Playa del carmen towards Tulum . After crossing Marina's check point, ask the taxi to drop you at the restaurant " LA CALETA " , the boat is located near the restaurant. Walk along the dock, you'll recognize the red boat.

JLC Fishing charter - location in puerto aventuras CALETA Restaurant

How to Book?

Send a E-mail to Jeremias in (English or Spanish) to Jeremias Luna ( specify your name, when you want go fishing, phone, email address. You can also visit his website
JLC Fishing

Fishing guide in playa del carmen - Capt. Jeremias
Fishing guide in playa del carmen - Capt. Jeremias Fishing guide in playa del carmen - Capt. Jeremias

Jigging tips

Always try to match jig weigth with current strength and depth. In Playa del carmen, we mostly use 200-300gr jigs. During summer, when water is very clear and sky is blue & calm, go with the blue color and during winter, go with pink color. Usually 60 lbs leader is perfect, because when you're hanged on the bottom, you don't want lose all you rig. To attach braided line to the leader using a PR Knot, to attach the leader to the jig, use a UNI knot. Also allow 10-15 feets long of leader.

For more information on jigging rigs and knots, visit: Jigging technics